Daily School starts with a prayer in which all the students and teachers participate followed by the singing of the National Anthem. This inculcates a sense of discipline and enables concentration, qualities which are specially required by autistic persons.The purpose is to calm down even the most hyperactive among them as they begin the day.

This is followed by warm up exercises and Yoga, a  session of Sensory Integration. The autistic individuals are prone to varying degrees of sensory issues and thus require therapies of different types touch , texture, feel, body balance etc and to integrate them for improved, modified social behaviors.

Thereafter, classes of Occupational Therapy, Vocational Therapy, Art Work, Computer training, Activities of Daily Living (ADL),and kitchen skills are scheduled.

The School has also arranged weekly sessions of Dog Therapy for children  to improve their social interactive skills with non verbal  partner. Similarly, a music teacher,with many years of experience in teaching autistic children, has been engaged for imparting lessons in music. Both these therapies are showing results in developing interest among some  students who have shown inclination.

The School has recently increased emphasis on cooking  , kitchen skills and chocolate making  amongst elder students.

In order to impart and develop social skills and  with the objective to have modified socially acceptable behavior in different real life situations,  the school engages the students in festivals and occasions as any other students would do, by regularly celebrating important festivals and occassions like the Republic Day, the Independence Day,the Teacher’s Day, besides   festivals like Holi, Dussehra (Dandia)  Diwali, Rakshabandhan, Gudi Padwa (Marathi New Year’s Day), Dahi Handi ( Shri Krishna Janmashtmi), Ganesh Utsav & Christmas.

On 8th February every year, the Founding Day of the School is celebrated .It is a day of introspection for all those associated with its setting up.These events have provided opportunities for merry making in a group with moments of lightheartedness so as to bring about a sense of  enjoyment among students.

 On 2nd April every year, the World Autism Awareness Day is observed by taking out the students in a rally through the neighboring  areas with placards and distribution of fliers. Students are also taken out in picnics to nearby resorts and public garden for recreation. Exhibition of products made by the students as part of their Vocational training has become an annual feature before Diwali and their  sale has  had good response. It has increased participation of students in making decorative articles of large variety enhancing their engagement in vocational work.

Important  Information:

The School starts  at 10 am and closes at 4 pm from Monday to Friday and observes normal holidays of all important festivals in Maharashtra. A break of 15 minutes in the morning for snacks and another of 30 minutes for lunch (which they bring from home), at both of which students assemble in the Hall and sit together.They also take rest collectively and it is a sight to see how quiet they generally remain at that time.

During the  month of May, when the School is closed for summer vacation, with a view to keeping them busy, a Summer Camp is held in the school to concentrate on vocational training  and art work .Students are encouraged to participate in games and sports like cycling, skating, badminton, basket ball.Cricket too has been added recently.

The School welcomed the first girl child in June, 2016 and made arrangements to meet her needs .Thereafter, three more girls have joined the School.The School  initially admitted students from LIG category but has now admitted several children from the BPL category from whom no fees are charged on production of satisfactory proof.

All new entrants must produce their Birth Certificates, Aadhar Cards, & Disability Certificates, besides proof of residence and past Medical  & Assessment Reports.

The trustees are keen to start residential facilities and are working towards that objective.