Though in Mumbai, many centers offer therapies to disabled children, most of them do not provide a holistic care that is required for our special kids. Therapists focus at the motor, speech and sensory integration needs of the child. Accordingly an educational programme, to cater to the special needs of the child, has to be incorporated along with the therapies.


Each child is unique. He/She has his/her own set of complexities , medical condition, style of learning, likes dislikes. Each child will have different learning needs. Thus below mentioned are some of the highlights of our program:

  • Child centered plans are devised keeping in mind the special needs of the child
  • Training the child in all three areas i.e. Cognitive, social and motor
  • 1:1 teacher child ratio which promises utmost care and unparalleled attention
  • Providing a suitable and barrier free environment, along with fulfilling the recreational needs of the child.
  • Regular feedback reports to track the progress of the child.
  • Continuously revised education plans & teaching strategies.

2. IEP

An Individualized Education Program (IEP) is a written statement of the educational program designed to meet a child’s individual needs. Every child who receives special education services must have an IEP as per his/her individual needs, style of learning, grasping capacity. The IEP has two general purposes: (1) to establish measurable annual goals for the child; and (2) to state the special education and related services and supplementary aids and services that the public agency will provide to, or on behalf of, the child. When constructing an appropriate educational program for a child with a disability, the IEP team broadly considers the child’s involvement and participation in various areas. Below mentioned are the areas covered in an IEP of a child:

  1. Fine Motor
  2. Gross Motor
  3. Communication/ Language Skills
  4. Concept development/cognition
  5. Socialization
  6. Sensory Awareness
  7. Pre vocation
  8. Vocation

The IEPs made are very specific to the utmost/immediate needs of the child. For instance, we work on the child’s gross motor, fine motor, sensory issues, and communication first before we move on to hard core academics. In short we look at what is best for the child after discussing the same with the family, therapists, teachers etc.

The school has spacious therapy rooms, sufficient open areas for outdoor activities.

3. Multiple therapies  :

  • Occupational Therapy

The primary occupation of any child is to ‘play’. However, due to developmental delays, the child is not able to perform simple skills or entertain himself in recreational activities. Every parent aspires to seeing the child being independent; however, due to the limitations caused by the disability, the level of independence is not achieved. An occupational therapist designs a tailor made program to help the child achieve his age appropriate milestones.

  • Prevocational and Vocational Training
    • As our children transition from childhood towards adolescence, they begin to understand their role in society, and start developing their self-esteem. In order to assist them in this, we begin imparting “Pre-vocational skills”, such as simple packaging,
    • Art & Craft
    • Kitchen and Cooking skills
    • Computer Skills
    • ADL skills – Daily living activities and managing one’s own environment
  • Sensory integration Therapy
    Children with multiple disabilities have a lot of sensory issues, which often hinders in their learning process. Some children could be tactile defensive i.e. they do not like the touch of certain textures which in turn could hamper their concept development. For instance, if a child does not like to touch hard objects, he will not understand whether a coconut is hard or soft. So, this therapy not only works to develop their sensory skills, but in turn to develop their concepts as well.
  • Physio therapy is essentially required for our special children, to work on their motor development. Sometimes  it is extremely difficult for our special children to perform even day to day activities. We have a special care givers available at the centres, who works with our children, in sessions  and guide  parents on how to avail the acquired motor skills, in their educational and daily activities.
  • Dance and Music therapy



All our special educators have completed a course in at least one of the fields of disabilities ( Learning Disability/ Mental Retardation) from reputed institutions  of Mumbai University , SNDT Department of Special Education.They all hold the Rehabilitation Council of India license to work with children with Disabilities.


Procedure to enroll your child: