The day starts with school assembly. All the students and teachers gather around to say the prayer, and thereafter, the national anthem. This daily routine helps to settle even the most hyperactive child. It inculcates a sense of discipline and helps in developing concentration.

Post assembly, the students take part in circle time. Circle time is a part of sensory integration therapy. Students do warm-up exercises, yoga, or brain gym exercises. They also pick up social skills during the session. This especially helps children who have difficulty with motor skills, balance, and eye-hand coordination. Since autistic individuals are susceptible to varying degrees of sensory issues, the therapy is believed to help in increasing a child’s threshold for tolerating sensory-rich environments.

Thereafter, children go to their respective classrooms. There are classes for occupational therapy, vocational therapy, artwork, computer training, Activities of Daily Living (ADL), functional training, and kitchen skills.

One of the key activities in the school is that it celebrates festivals and important occasions such as Independence Day, Republic Day, Autism Awareness Day, etc.

Students go on field trips to a nearby bank, mall, or a shop to observe activities outside their daily routine. This is done to give them a feel of the real world. It is a small step towards their integration in society, and also for creating awareness among people.


The school starts at 10 A.M., and closes at 4 P.M. The school is closed on Saturdays and Sundays.

Kids take their first short break in the morning, which is snack time. The second break is for lunch. Kids bring their tiffins from home. At lunchtime, all the students assemble in a hall to eat meals together. Children also take their nap collectively. It is a sight to see how quiet kids generally are during naptime.

During the summer holidays, the school organizes a summer camp, which is held inside the school. The summer camp can be an exciting experience for kids. The school tries to add new activities every year. The purpose of organizing a camp is to keep kids busy during the holidays, especially those kids who could experience regression in skills during a long break from school. Some of the activities at the camp are artwork, games, sports, and vocational training.

The school has a few girl’s students. In 2016, the school welcomed its first female student. Thereafter, three more girls joined the school.

The school initially took students from the Low Income Group (LIG) category, but now admits children from the Below Poverty Line (BPL) category too. The education is free for these children.

The school observes all the public holidays of Maharashtra.